I’ve had a growing resentment for the way the Tories have been pulling the wool over so many people’s eyes. For all those people who thought that the Lib Dems had done nothing but roll over whilst in government the truth is already coming out. With Cameron already planning on reinstating fox hunting with hounds, repealing parts of the human rights act and effectively removing freedom of speech, Clegg it seems, did more to hold back dystopian Tory policies than people gave him credit for.

History is littered with the likes of Cameron and it seldom ends up well. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The Conservatives only have a slight majority and we do still live in a democracy. Use your voice, sign the various petitions calling for Cameron to stop and take notice of the majority of the UK voters who didn’t vote for him. Use social media and #SayNoToCameron!


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