Knee-Jerk News: First thoughts on call for $2bn global antibiotic research


I’m starting a new blog series called Knee-Jerk News. The content will basically be my very first thoughts on a recent news story of interest and I reserve the right to change my opinion upon further research! It will simply be my first reaction to any given news story.

The first in this series is this story from BBC News regarding a call for $2bn investment in antibiotic research (click here or scroll down for link)

I this really the answer? Shouldn’t we be looking at other ways of stopping the spread of antibiotic resistant superbugs? Cleaner hospitals, matrons back on the wards, doctors penalised for dishing out antibiotics for everything under the sun instead of rewarding big pharma by producing even stronger drugs for doctors to over-proscribe?

Your thoughts are welcome.

Please read the story and let me know your thoughts:

Call for $2bn global antibiotic research fund –


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