Easter Bank Holiday Ride Out: Surprise View

I took a ride up to Surprise View on ‘Tilikum’ my 2014 Indian Chief Vintage. It was my first time in the Dales with the big Chief and it handled the tight country roads surprisingly well. It’s Thunderstroke 111 makes nearly 120 ft-lbs of torque and it made navigating the twisties a case of ‘leave it in 3rd’ and let it power through. On more sweeping stretches 4th gear worked best, only changing up to 5th on the much longer, faster lengths and down to 2nd on just the tightest of corners.

I’d decided to head to Surprise View because apparently it’s a damn good site for astrophotography and I wanted to check out the route there in the daylight. Even though no stars were shining the place is still very photogenic and I think I’ll head back for a full day of exploring before settling in for a night snapping the stars.

Below: Some photos I took over the Bank Holiday weekend at Surprise View in the Peak District.