Dazzle Rebel to host BBC Top Gear

Dazzle Rebel confirms he will be joining the new-look Top Gear as co-host for 2016.

With the recent news that the BBC will not renewing Jeremy Clarksons contract, effectively sacking the long-running star of the show, speculation was rife as to the future of Top Gear. Many questions needed answering; who will replace Clarkson? Will James May and Richard Hammond remain on the show? Will the show continue in the same format? Might the show be cancelled for good?

Early this morning all these questions were answered in a joint press release issued by the BBC and the shows Executive Producer Andrew Willyman. It appears that not only will Top Gear be back but the format will change to focus on a wider range of road-going vehicles including motorcycles, campervans and commercial vehicles. To compliment the new format, former presenters James May and Richard Hammond will not be returning, instead the Top Gear of 2016 will see three fresh faces host the show.

First to be confirmed is haulage entrepreneur Hilary Devey of Dragons’ Den fame who the BBC say they have been brought in for her in-depth knowledge of trucks and commercial vehicles and no-nonsense attitude. Devey will be joined by campervan enthusiast and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Willyman says “Jamie’s knowledge of campervans is second-to-none and his appeal with middleclass housewives will bring in new viewers”. The third and final presenter will be the relatively unknown musician and DJ Dazzle Rebel. Willyman adds “Dazzle Rebel will bring an edginess to the show that we’ve not seen since The Stig wore black. He is fanatical about motorcycles and will provide some much-needed comic relief to the show”.

With filming for the new series set to start in May in Italy speculation as to the content of the show was met with this response from Willyman; “the new format Top Gear will continue along similar lines to what viewers have come to expect but will include a much wider range of vehicles. For example the presenters will be making their way to Italy by their chosen means of transport, Jamie will be driving a 1960’s split-screen VW campervan, Dazzle will be riding a 1950’s Indian 441 motorcycle and Hilary will be travelling by private jet”.

The show is set to return with the new presenters in Spring 2016.


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