Dazzle’s First Serial ~ The Boneshaker Fables

I’ve been sitting on a series of stories for a while and I thought it was about time I actually finished one. Starting this Friday (6th March) I will be publishing a four-part serial called “Whisky to Go-Go” a tale of how a few winters ago, in an alternative dimension, I set out with my cat Moonshine on one of my motorcycles to find a very expensive and rare whisky called “Lochness Dew”. The story picks up after I’ve sourced the whisky (hey scope for a ‘prequel’) and have got caught out by a sudden cold snap that causes a blizzard to fall across the UK.

It’s a tale of a journey across a snow-ridden motorway and a strange encounter at a service station. A tale of biker camaraderie and corrupt police officers, a tenacious young fox and a calculating cyclone. Each episode will be published at 12:30 sharp GMT to give you something to read during your lunch every Friday through March.

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