Good News Monday ~ March 2015

Happy Monday Everybody!

For many folk Mondays are one of the most depressing days of the week. It’s the first day back to the daily grind after the weekend and you’re on the back foot playing catchup from the get go. What makes Monday’s even more difficult to get through is the constant news stories we’re bombarded with. Corrupt bankers, politicians and officials, more trouble in the Middle East, the terror ‘threat’, the void between the 1% and the rest of us getting ever larger. The bad news stories seem to be never-ending.

Well I say enough of all that. It’s time to inject a bit of hope and optimism into your day with my new monthly blog series ‘Good News Mondays’. It’s all about providing that little boost right at the start of the month to stimulate your serotonin levels and help you get over the Monday blues.

This is the first post of the series and I would like to say that I’ve scoured the web for happy-go-lucky stories but sadly, as this is a spur of the moment idea, I’ve not got that far yet. But that’s good news because I’d like YOU to send me your Good News stories. Do you have a heartwarming tale to tell? Then contact me with your story and it could be included in the first ‘Good News Monday’ on 6th April.