Dazzle Rebel Heads for the Stars!

ESA LetterThis morning I received a letter. This isn’t just any letter, it’s a letter that I have been waiting for since I sent my application to the Guiana Space Centre well over a year ago. The position I applied for was the Utilities Manager working on the MARS2020 project. The role is basically the ESA equivalent of a janitor but nevertheless the role is very exciting as it means I’ll be leaving the UK to spend the next 6 months in basic systems training in Guiana before a further 12 months astronaut training at the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida. This will be followed by a 6 month trip to ISS so we can become acclimatized to working in zero gravity, obviously I am very excited about this particular part of the training.

Mars HabitatFollowing my return to terra firma we will be introduced to the systems that we are to look after during the mission and also the automated systems that are being launched before us from 2018 that will provide our initial habitat on the Red Planet. It should be noted that this is a one-way trip so I will end my life as a Martian (maybe I should change my name to Marv?) but this is not the end for my radio broadcasts. As a way to keep moral going I will be the first person in history to have a regular radio broadcast from space that anyone with an internet connection can pick up. As one of the first people to set foot on Mars my radio broadcasts will not stop there as I will become the first person to have a radio show broadcast from another planet.

esa-prepares-for-a-human-mission-to-mars-2I will miss Earth and the people in it but when a chance such as this comes along anyone would be a fool to turn it down. I’m making history after all and laying the foundations that will see the Human colony on Mars grow over the coming decades. I will of course keep you updated as my training commences and thank you all in advance for your support.

It appears my 4 years studying for a First Class Degree in Fabula Rhetoric has paid off.

Farewell friends,