Mars One – Dazzle Rebel to be first man on Mars?

o-MARS-ONE-facebookStranger things have certainly happened. How cool would it be to be the first man, sorry I mean ‘person’ (gotta be politically correct these days) to set foot on the Red Planet. That chance could come to one of the 24 people the Mars One Mission is planning to send on a one-way trip to our planetary neighbour.

As a long time fan of space travel I have to admire the ambition of a non-political commercial party attempting to do what no government has yet committed to and place a permanent settlement on Mars. For the lucky 24 who will get a seat on this mission it’s pretty much a certainty that it’s a one way trip, meaning they will live out the rest of their lives on the Red Planet. This isn’t science fiction even though it may seem like it. Yes indeed ten years from now there may be a foundling colony on Mars. Suddenly the 80’s classic movie Total Recall springs to mind!

So the big question is would you be prepared to travel on a one way mission to Mars and spend the rest of your life there? In return you are assured immortality as one of the founding fathers of humanities first forays into colonising space. Is such a trade worth it? What do you think?

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