#OpFunKill ~ or ~ How I learned to stop worrying and make a stand

Dolphins Slaughtered in Taiji Cove Drives

avatar_opfunkill_godzillaBefore I continue let me get something right out in the open because it may well have an effect on how you perceive this post. Activism is not something that I’ve particularly gotten myself into before. Yes, I love animals especially the cute, funny and odd ones but I also like to eat them. That’s right, I eat meat and always have done and have no plans to stop as I consider a perfectly cooked rib-eye a rare (excuse the pun) treat. But that’s not to say I approve of mistreatment of animals and I would certainly hope that the animals that died to feed my appetite were well treated while they were alive and euthanized as humanly as possible. I am making an effort to reduce my meat intake but that’s a post for another day. This post is because regardless of the fact that I have no issue eating meat I am not a monster, I am an omnivore who cares about the welfare of animals. Got that? Good.

You may have seen the posts on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets that display graphic images of dolphins being driven into coves to be slaughtered, allegedly, so that the fishermen doing this can feed their community. Sorry but that’s utter bullshit. If you’ve seen the images you’ll have noted the smiles and smirks on the fisherman’s faces as they harpoon, cut and hack away at their victims turning the sea red with blood. In the twenty-first century there is no reason for these communities to rely on these dolphins for food, let alone cause highly intelligent animals so much distress before they finally breathe their last breath. It’s not as if dolphin meat is particularly healthy either, containing high levels of mercury it could well be enough to lead to mercury poisoning.

Below are some videos showing what’s going on and why you should help #OpFunKill to raise awareness and help to demand that these drives be stopped.

The videos above are of the less graphic and don’t actually show the full horror of what’s going on but give you a very good reason to take to social media TONIGHT to vent your frustration. All it takes is a few seconds, simply vent your anger and include hashtags #OpFunKill and #Tweet4Taiji. For more information visit the Facebook page below.


WAZA Tweet Storm

To form your own opinion about what is going on and what you can do to help here are some links to pages, websites and articles that may help you:

Please spend a couple on minutes and lend your support. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing. Go on, be controversial, stick your neck out and be counted. I am not a traditional animal activist but I learned to stop worrying and make a stand, can you?

Thank you,