9th April – NaPoWriMo


If the Iron Lady had a Heart

When the country was an empty kettle
There arose a woman made of metal
And tore unions apart
This lady’s not for turning
But don’t you be presuming
She didn’t have a heart
She wasn’t tender or too gentle
And never sentimental
When she closed the mine shafts
She was friends with Ronald Reagan
And shifty as a Raven
It was a thankless task
Picture she
In ‘83
With a majority of a few
Won election number two
There was a beat
In the street
And an awful big commotion
With Poll Tax put in motion
A country torn apart
She was thrown out as our skipper
Cried when her party ripped her
And proved she had a heart

Baroness Thatcher 1925 – 2013
Loved, hated, respected and despised if there’s ever anyone to divide opinion it was her. Whatever your thoughts on The Iron Lady she made some good decisions and bad ones just like any Premier. She defended the Falklands from the Argies then sold out the miners but she never went to war based on lies like Tony Blair did. If any post-war PM should be universally hated it is the UK Prime Minister from 1997-2007.