2nd April – NaPoWriMo


Things Were Better in the Nineties


Things were better in the nineties I’ve come to appreciate

‘Cus way back when I was a bratty little sprog full of love and hate

Emotions were mountains and valleys, peaks and troughs

And most retarded townies thought I was a greebo goth

Of course they were just like me – misunderstood


Music was awesome much better in our day

But every generation believes the same, at least that’s what they say

But come on, we had ‘Nirvana’, ‘Guns N Roses’ and… well yeah ok we had the ‘Spice Girls’ too

And ‘Take That’ and ‘Boyzone’ and shite oh yeah that other band ‘Blue’

But music was mostly better – this MUST be understood


In the nineties we had proper friends you know – they were real

We had to go over each others houses and when it came to girls you could actually cop a feel

Not just perv over photos of fat birds taken from that ‘Facebook’ angle to make them look thin

Or be getting off over a webcam, dear oh dear, where do I begin?

Young folk like us would call you lot geeks – we just wouldn’t understand


In the nineties summer was summer for all 6 weeks of summer break

The sunshine poured with the odd thunderstorm but it we had proper suntans, they weren’t fake

We got our kicks in the rec’s and parks

We weren’t stuck indoors playing ‘Halo’, stinking of stale farts

Young people get out and get some exercise – your hearts are precious, you MUST understand


So yes things were better in the nineties but the eighties even better

So were the seventies and sixties I’ve heard but the noughties and teenies just ‘wetter’

Sure you’ve got smartphones and social media tycoons

But you’re also suffering from economic bust and boom

So my dear young people yes, the nineties were so much better now do you understand?