1st April 2013 – NaPoWriMo


What the bleedin’ hell is NaPoWriMo?

Well it stands for “National Poetry Writing Month” which means for the whole of April I’m gonna attempt to write a little bit of poetry each day. Why the hell not? It gets the creative juices flowing dunnit?

So here’s numero uno:

Ain’t No April Fool

So “a pinch and a punch for the first of the month”
What utter crap, who thought of that?

But a good reply is a sly “poke in the eye”
Or just hit the dick for being so quick

After all this is also April fool
So play a prank like a fookin’ skank

But please beware if you do so dare
Cus’ this thing called karma can cause a drama

And if you play a trick you’re a goddamn prick
Especially on me cus’ you’ll have a count of three

Before I jump your ugly hump
And batter you blue and black cut you up and stick you in a sack