Morton’s Fork

Morton's Fork (c) 2012 Dazzle Rebel
Morton’s Fork by Dazzle Rebel (c) 2012

Choose life.  Choose a job.  Choose the same old politics to fuck up this country even more.  There is another way you know?  Next time you get the chance vote for someone other than Labour, Tory or Liberal.  ANYONE else.  The Coalition of Tory and Lib Dem offer nothing but further austerity measures while Labour want to spend the lot and watch the mountain of debt pile up even higher.

It’s time to make a stand and say “enough is enough”.  If you really want to challenge the status quo in UK politics vote for a smaller party, call it a ‘protest vote’ or even a ‘wasted vote’ but at least vote.  Voter apathy has cost this country for far too long and come the next election it’s time to make a change.  Postal voting is dead simple so make sure you do it and have your say.

I know we’re only mid-way through the current parliament but I’ll ramp this up nearer the time.  I just got a bit frustrated with the news today and decided to vent!

Evening all,