Every Good Boy Deserves Football ~ or ~ practice makes perfect

Most people will remember that line from their school day music classes as it relates to the lines in sheet music.  At one point in the distant past I was actually starting to get quite fluent in reading music scores but the other day I thought I’d try and get a bit better on the Old Joanna but had no idea where to start with the sheet music.

Some skills like riding a bike are dead easy to pick up again.  Once you’ve acquired that skill it’s there and seldom ever goes away but I’ve found music is a performance skill much like Tennis.  That is you can learn it but if you don’t practice it can quickly run away from y0u.

It’s not just reading sheet music that’s the problem.  At one point I could play more than a dozen Jimi Hendrix songs from start to finish note perfect.  I decided to give “Purple Haze” a go the other day and couldn’t even manage the intro riff let alone the first proper guitar run!  Likewise I was getting quite good at fingerstyle bass a few years back and was churning out some pass-able “Weather Report” grooves.  If Jaco heard what I played the other day he’d turn in his grave!

The big revelation I’ve taken from this is I must practice a hell of a lot more than I do.  Trouble is when you’re a lazy sod like me modern life can become so distracting with social media, TV, writing blogs! etc.