Mother Nature’s Son ~ or ~ my 2012 home grown plans

Last year I gave growing some of my own fruit and veg a go. Nothing fancy just some Rhubarb (which pretty much takes care of itself) strawberries, tomatoes, peppers and a selection of herbs. Given last year’s success I’ve decided to increase operations this year (only slightly mind) and I’ve even got myself a month-by-month book to guide me.

So what are my plans this year? Well for starters I plan to grow a larger variety of tomatoes, peppers and some chilli’s. The strawberries will be complemented by raspberries and blackberries (that’s the fruit – I’m not growing phones) which should be great for making summer fruit salad. The herb garden will be expanded and I’ve already seen some early success with garlic I planted back in October.

You never know if I find that I’m blessed with green fingers I might even look at getting a small holding or allotment next year! Let’s take it one step at a time for now though hey. I am after all only getting started and have to fight for garden space with the missus’ flowers. If all goes well I’ll be posting about one blog a month just to update you on how I’m getting on and if you’ve got any tips and advice then please feel free to get in touch!