Sixty Second Sermon: Charity, Corner Shops and Low Carb Energy Drinks

I was in a newsagent earlier today buying an overpriced can of Monster Energy drink for the recession busting sum of £1.99, I know it’s pricey but it’s the only place for miles that sells the Low-Carb version and I needed my energy hit for the day. Handing over a £2 coin I asked the shop attendant to stick the 1p change in the charity box when a spritely old boy behind me pipes up “look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves, you don’t want to be giving them away son”.
     “Yeah, which is why every little in the charity tin helps mate” I replied to the miserly old Scrooge. “The 1p change I have just forfeit for a good cause half a percent of what I paid, if the government put just half a percent from ALL purchases made in the UK to good charitable use then the world would be a better place”.

Smug with my answer I departed the shop but quickly realised that I don’t really believe in giving to charity unless I know what the cause is and that the funds are used appropriately instead of paying a hulking great sum to a board of directors. I’d just jumped down the throat of an old goat for something I don’t really believe in. Truth be told I only did it because I couldn’t be arsed to wait for the 1p change. I mean whose to say that the shop keeper doesn’t pocket everything from the charity tin anyway just like the dear old folk did from my old corner shop when I was growing up?

Speaking of which, what’s happened to corner shops? Once they were everywhere but now they’re an endangered species being either taken over or run out of business by large supermarket chains. I loved the convenience of having a Happy Shopper on the corner and the mixed smell of bubblegum, sweets and curry spices is something that is sadly missing from too many streets nowadays if you ask me. Shame the old couple retired and turned their shop into a house really. Mind you they’d made enough from the charity tin to take early retirement.