Alternative Christmas Songs

As I mentioned in my post “Christmas Cash Cow” I’ve been searching for some alternative songs to play this Christmas instead of the usual over played radio hits.  Here’s some of the best:

Bob Dylan ~ “It Must Be Santa”.  How did this not become a massive hit?  It’s a brilliant song and the video shows that old Bob has a sense of humor too.

AC/DC ~ “Mistress for Christmas”.  This is a great song, much better than listening to a bunch of urban-gangsta-emo-goths cover Last Christmas by Wham.

Spinal Tap ~ “Christmas with the Devil”. Makes a good alternative to Cliff Richard.

The Ramones ~ “Merry Christmas (I don’t Want to Fight Tonight)”.  Adding a bit of punk to Christmas.

RUN-DMC ~ “Christmas In Hollis”.  Why, why, why do you never hear this at Christmas? It’s great.

What’s in your alternative Christmas selection?