Adverts to (try and) Avoid this Christmas

The trouble with Christmas is spending a few days at home watching crap on the telebox.  It’s an advertisers dream, they know they have a captive audience that will spend hours on end glued to the screen.  occasionally someone will come out with a good advert that will make you laugh, smile or actually want to buy into what they’re trying to sell you but most of the time they just suck like a spotty ass.  Here are some very good reasons to switch off Sky, veto Virgin and say b@ll@cks to BT and opt for a stack full of DVDs instead:

GoCompare the fat opera singing bloke Gio plays Fairy Godmother.  It’s gone way beyond a joke now and has become something akin with medieval torture devices.  This advert has had the opposite effect on me, I avoid all comparison websites because of this and those bloody Compare the Meerkat adverts.

Compare the Meerkat what is it with price comparison websites and annoying adverts?  Why the hell would I want a soft toy that reminds me of an advert that bears all the hallmarks of pulling teeth.

Argos Alien Advert blue aliens invade a mall near you. Please will someone tell me why Eggnog is such a conundrum and why the mother alien seems to have a pedophilic crush on Justin Bieber?

That’s why Stacey Soloman went to Iceland and left any dignity she had left at the door.  I always wondered why Bjork never did an Iceland advert, seeing as she was from the land of prawn rings the fridge freezer.

If only adverts were more like this from Carlsberg.  This is probably the best advert ever.

Have you any suggestions for adverts to avoid this Christmas?