Studio Sores

It’s felt like a long old week, I won’t bore you with the details because frankly my head is aching and I’m gagging for a nice long beer. However, a week from today and I’ll be a free man for twelve days! This should give me enough time to tweak some vocals and play about with some EQ and get my debut EP finished.

One thing is for certain, 2012 will see a much steadier rate of songs being churned out of the Dazzle Rebel song factory. I’m very keen to get some acoustic stuff recorded and start working on getting a better drum sound. Mixing and mastering is another part of the recording process that I’m not particularly skilled at, so if you can lend me some pointers then I’m all ears.

Before I forget though I’ve had my first interview as a solo artist by Heidi at Listen Music Sound. So check out and read the interview in full!