A Bit of Pre-Spring, Spring Cleaning

Sorry if anyone visiting this website tonight thought they were going mad!  I was playing about with the layout of the site in preparation for a major overhaul next year, so you might have noticed the page jumping about a bit.  So you can hold back that visit to your head doctor, for now at least.

Nevermind though because it’s back to ‘normal‘ now but will return in January with a fresher look for 2012.  I hoped that my 100th post would be something a bit more special than a ‘site update’ but it sort of crept up on me like that spider crawling across your ceiling.

Made you look?

Anyway that’s all for now folks except don’t forget to ‘Like’ my facebook page www.facebook.com/DazzleRebelMusic, follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/dazzlerebel and check out my tunes on www.reverbnation.com/dazzlerebel.





  1. totsymae1011 says:

    I’ve never been here before now, so I don’t know the changes. Sure is dark over here. You plan on turning on more lights around here next month Least you got your Christmas decorations up.


    1. Dazzle Rebel says:

      It’s a grim look for a grim man! Thanks for stopping by though. Come and take a look back in January and let me know what you think of my spring clean. DR.


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