Missing: Higgs Boson aka The God Particle

Later on today scientists at CERN will make an announcement that could confirm that we are on course with our understanding of the Universe or blow our current models out of the water.  If you’ve been reading my posts long enough you’ll know that I have an interest in science but I am by no means qualified or knowledgeable enough to write a scientific blog.  Besides there’s people out there who’d do that much better than me anyway.  My job therefore will be to try and assimilate whatever the outcome of this announcement is into terms that you and I will understand and hopefully find mildly amusing.  So stay tuned for the Midweek blog tomorrow which will be my attempt at just that.  Yep that’s right; a high school dropout attic musician will attempt to quantify the results of what could be the most prolific scientific discovery since Roland Rat and Chesney Hawkes (or whoever they were) discovered DNA.

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