Ask Dazzle Rebel: November 2011

After the truly strange and twisted questions from some of the freaks from Octobers edition of ‘Ask Dazzle Rebel’ it’s refeshing to have some pretty normal questions this month.

Name: Jude Hanna
Location: Newcastle
Q: If you were a girl what would your name be?
A: If I was a girl I think I would still be called Dazzle. Let’s face it it’s not a very masculine name is it? The only reason I got it was because it was a progression of my nickname at school; Daz, which because Daz Ultra, then Dazzle (although I did also have other nicknames like ‘Space Man’ because of Babylon Zoo, Brian because apparently I looked a bit like Brian Molko at one point and Fonzie – yep seriously, it was only because I had a leather jacket and a quiff at the time and when I was in Brides of Destruction Tracii Guns called me Sparkle!) I think there are plenty of names I wouldn’t want to be called if I was a girl, I mean “Ivana Trump” – what a tragic name!


Name: Burning Penny
Location: London
Q: Beatles or Stones, which side of the fence are you?
A: Rolling Stones without a question. Yes I do like The Beatles music but those Strolling Bones made music much more to my liking. In my mind The Beatles were pop and The Rolling Stones were rock. To a lesser degree it happened again in the 90’s, those of us of a certain age will remember growing up with the whole Blur v Oasis thing. I like some of Blur’s music but they were an Indie Pop band, Oasis were Indie Rock and made much cooler music than that poxy “Girls and Boys” crap. The irony of that is Liam Gallagher is a massive fan of The Beatles when in reality they are more like the Rolling Stones in the way they were perceived by the record buying public.


Name: Stez Stingray
Location: W. Midlands
Q: I’ve been playing a Music Man Stingray for four years but am getting bored and want a change. Do you recommend an Epiphone Thunderbird or something else?
A: Stez I love my Tbirds but rather than Epiphone try and see if you can get a Tokai. In general they are better built and have better electrics and natural sustain thanks to the solid neck heel instead of the bolt-on neck of the Epiphone. Better still go for a proper Gibson if you can afford it because I’ve not played a bad one. The thing to remember about these guitars is they are top heavy and don’t sit still when you let go of the neck. Stingrays are beautifully balanced and a lovely instrument and you will have to slightly change your playing style when moving from a ‘players’ instrument like the Stingray to a ‘rock star’ instrument like a Tbird. I’ve long considered going for a Mockingbird bass because they look amazing and are not as top heavy as the Tbird so don’t feel restricted to two choices. Go and try some out and see what works for you.


Name: Sal
Location: www
Q: Have you had any paranormal experiences?
A: Paranormal experiences are just things that have happened that can’t be explained by science. Unless someone proves the existence of an afterlife, evidence that extraterrestrials are among us or even that everything we currently know to be true in science is false then I won’t believe in it. Belief in science is belief in the scientific method which is constantly evolving as we learn more about our universe. Belief in the paranormal is belief is based purely on faith with little or no consideration for the actual facts.
I am 99% sure that there is life, even intelligent life on other planets because the science predicts that there should be, however there is no proof that they are visiting us and sticking probes up our bottoms. I would dearly love to believe in the afterlife but see no evidence that one exists. As for God, don’t get me started!
Having said that I have actually had plenty of paranormal experiences all of which seemed very real at the time. I have had cases where I’ve seen ghosts and UFOs, slowed down time, caused electrical surges with the power of my mind and been beckoned by a ghostly white rabbit. What’s more only half of those experiences were under the influence of drugs!
However real they seemed at the time I can put them all down to either coincidence or the state of my mind, even those that happened when alcohol or other drugs were not an influence. I could go into more detail but that would need a whole post entirely. In fact remind me at the start of next October and I’ll make a full-blown Halloween article on this subject.