Diabolical Blogger ~ or ~ Whatever happened to the sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll?

Blogging – where the hell did that come from?  One day back in 2004 or 2005 I came across the social media phenomenon MySpace.  At the time I was working hard at being a Rock Star with the full-on attitude of a 1980’s throwback.  I was enjoying the (limited but still growing) fame of being in an up and coming band on the way to the big time and everything that went with it and MySpace provided me and my band with an avenue to expand our egos even further.

It wasn’t an instant hit with the rest of the lads. After all, Meady (the lead guitarist and self-confessed geek) aside, the rest of us were fairly technophobic about social networking groups.  “Ain’t all that for lonely hearts?” And “surely that’s for geeks?” were common objections.  I must admit that I had my reservations myself, especially after an incident I had back when the t’internet was still but a spring chicken and you connected via noisy dial-up modems instead of high-speed broadband.  But that’s not important to this post right now so maybe I’ll save that story for another time.

So we ended up getting quite into MySpace, we had a band site and then each of us had our own personal profiles where we whored ourselves out from.  The beauty of MySpace was being able to customise the page to make it personal to you and look slicker than everyone else’s and that was right up my street. It was also MySpace that introduced me to the thrill of blogging.

My first posts were simply plugging gigs and other publicity for the band but soon turned into rants about anything and everything.  Indeed my posts started to become a bit of a joke as I began writing fictional commentary about what as a band we’d been up to and embellishing the truth of our escapades (although if truth be told some of what we got up to was much worse than anything I wrote about and I will be taking it to my grave).

Despite my experience in blogging way back when, I was slow to take it up again.  Indeed I have only got into the blogflow over these past few months.  I admit that when I first signed up to WordPress the idea I had was simply to use it as the base for a free website to promote my solo career as a DIY musician.  I was determined not to bow to my narcissistic need to spill my guts to the world because after all does anyone care what I’ve got to say anyway?  It’s supposed to be about the music so keep it professional.  Huh, who was I kidding?

So that brings me very quickly to now.  I’m still primarily a musician and songwriter but just writing about the music that I’m not really working that hard on at the moment seems a bit futile.  In person I’m actually normally the quiet man, unless you get me past the small talk and onto chatting about something meaty (I’ll let you discover what these subjects are by reading my posts) but in a blog I get to shout.  That’s what I’ve grown to love about it; it doesn’t matter who’s reading it or if anyone’s reading it at all.  It’s just about saying it because, well, whose going to say it for you if you don’t say it yourself?

Moving forward I’ve started to discover some pretty cool blogs, some like Tinkerbelle at laughteriscatching.com makes me chuckle, even though I’m not a girl but it’s interesting to get an insight into the female mind.  Hairy Mouth gives a brutally honest opinion on music, so much so that I don’t even care if he berates my humble offerings. Eleven-Nineteen is a blog that I find myself strangely attracted to, it’s a ‘bad design’ blog from what I can make out but I often find the subjects of many of the posts strangely appealing.  Sex Beat is a blog that I can’t find enough time to read, mainly because I do most of my blog reading while I should be working.  Its home to some pretty cool artists who are keeping the DIY ethic very much alive and kicking and if you’re into grassroots music you’d do well to check it out.  Last but not least is Imonthebandwagon but I’m not sure if I want to admit that or not just in case his posts end up being about a band I don’t like!  To fill you in, in case you don’t already know, this blog is about ‘Jowett’ who’s on tour with a successful British band but due to the ‘tell-all’ nature of the posts won’t disclose who they are, hence why I dubious about following it.  After all I don’t want to be reading about the daily lives of JLS!

Compared to these blogs I am still very much in amateurville and if truth be known will probably stay that way.  This site is supposed to be more about my music anyway.  Having said that it serves as an insight into the mind of a DIY musician, struggling to find time and muse to get down to what he loves; writing and performing Rock’n’Roll and Rhythm & Blues.  If you’re reading this then I sure hope you stick around.  My name is Dazzle Rebel and I’m a diabolical blogger.

Dazzle Rebel

Are you a frustrated artist/writer/musician struggling to find the time and money to follow your dreams?  Do spill because we all like to know that we’re not the only ones in the same mess.

2 thoughts on “Diabolical Blogger ~ or ~ Whatever happened to the sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll?

  1. Go for it, dude. Long time ago, I made the switch from front man to solo – and occasional duo with a couple of peers – did it for 17 years before I tired of people coming to watch me perform instead of listening.

    It is all worth it.


    1. Cheers Eideard. I’m giving it a crack and what will be is what will be and all that. I got fed up with chasing a record deal, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve had mates in bands who did ‘make it’ but were in it for the money – which was a very bad reason indeed as there’s no bloody cash to be made from it anymore!..
      …unless of course you get on one of these TV ‘talent’ shows which goes against every bone in my body.


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