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By now it’s no secret that I’ve got a growing passion for gardening. I’ve heard the chuckles behind my back “that’s not very Rock’n’Roll” they say. Not Rock’n’Roll? I tell you, it’s the new cocaine! There’s something very satisfying about growing your own food (my wife takes care of the flower side, that’s just a bit too pansy for me, if you excuse the pun) and when you get it right nothing you can buy in the supermarket touches home grown grub.
It’s in honour of my new hobby (god that makes it sound like stamp collecting or train spotting) that I’ve decided to create a new category simply called ‘Home Grown’ which will contain appropriate posts. Now I must admit that I am still a novice in these ancient arts but if you come along with me for the ride you might learn how not to do things.

To kick things off I’ll start with my easiest (and quickest) success to date, growing garlic. A little more than three weeks ago I broke up some garlic bulbs and planted them as directed in rows, pointy side up about an inch below the surface. This was done in late October as this according to everyone I know who knows anything about the subject advised me this was the best time to do it. Once planted I gave them a little water and was prepared to forget about them until spring but if I thought that was that then I was in for a little bit of a shock.

When I returned home after a few days away my wife mentioned that we had daffodils already sprouting in the garden. Cue conversation of how weird the weather patterns are becoming and laments directed at those climate change sceptics (be it man-made or not, climate change is happening so deal with it). But when I ventured out in the soggy yet humid garden (yes very strange weather indeed for the Midlands, in early November) I noticed the ‘daffodil shoots’ were sprouting in perfectly straight rows – which is weird because my wife has a more scattergun approach to burying bulbs. Investigating further I rubbed my fingers on one of the shoots and took a whiff, my suspicions were correct, these were not daffodils, this was garlic. The garlic that I had planted less than a week earlier was already sprouting and providing a pungent odour of vampire repellent. “Brilliant” I thought, “any risk of a winter infestation of emo-vampires is surely averted”.

So there you go my first post about my adventures in homegrown produce and for your entertainment/information/someoneelsesholidayshotsboredom (delete as appropriate) here’s some fitting pictures of my early success.

Are you planning on growing your own produce? Are you moving towards ‘the Good Life’ dream of self-sufficiency? Can you offer me any tips and hints to help me on my way? If so then I’d love to hear from you. Add a comment below or fill in the form on my contact page to email me direct.


2 thoughts on “Home Grown

  1. I would suggest looking into the Square Foot Gardening method, it takes far less space and effort to start and maintain. As well it has great advice on how to be a self sufficent gardener buy proving helpfull info on making your own compost and ferts. Also I find gargening helps to quail the urge to rip off head and shyte down throats, which, allows me to stay a metal head and free from prison for commiting homicide. Ecellnt blog by the way!


    1. Thank you! Great advice, I’ll have to look into that method. And yes, I have found pottering about in the garden lowers my stress levels and helps me blow off steam. Motorcycling does that for me too, until some idiot cuts you up and forces you onto the wrong side of the road. I swear if I didn’t have methods to restrain my madness I’d have been locked up years ago!


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