Piercing Cold

When I first got my nose pierced the first thing my Mum said (after “why is your nose so swollen… oh my god!) was “so what happens when you catch a cold?” Good question I hadn’t thought about that before I let someone mutilate what’s probably the most prominent feature on my face. Bloody hell! Ok lets address this from the beginning; yes, when I first had it done I almost regretted it for over a week. It bloody hurt and my nose swelled up like a red grape. After it had healed however I became quite glad that I’d had it done. It was comfortable and I quickly forgot that it was there. Then came the day when I caught a cold.

At first I panicked and thought, “damn this is it, my Mum will be proven right, this was a bad idea”. Of course, anyone with a nose-piercing nose (sorry I couldn’t resist the pun) that getting a cold is not an issue, especially if you have a comfortable ring or stud (but yes the giant spike I had in there for all of two days did cause a problem). You just get on with it like everybody else does – you just might have to scrape a bit on crusted snot off the ring/stud every now and then.

My piercing has been in years now but every time I get a cold someone (usually someone with no piercings or ink) will ask me that same bloody question “what happens when you catch a cold?” Arrrgh!

Do you ever get asked the same question over and over again?

2 thoughts on “Piercing Cold

  1. I just got my nose pierced today and I’m 15 as soon as I got home I couldn’t stop sneezing and my nose was constantly running. It still hurts so I dont wanna put tissue in it to get the snot out so I have to constantly wipe snot from underneath my nose. It is very frustrating I just dont know what to do. If anyone has any tips on how I can better handle the situation please comment. I’m desperate!


    1. Poor you! You might be sneezing because your hairs in your nose are being irritated by the stud/ring that’s through your nose. This may go in time as your nose gets used to it. I didn’t have that problem so can’t help with sneezing remedies I’m afraid.
      However my best advice would be to keep it as clean as possible, it will hurt like crazy for a few days while it heals and may even swell up (mine did) but I persisted and it was fully healed after about two weeks.
      If you can’t put up with it or it shows signs of infection then take it out (or go back to where you had it done if you can’t do it yourself).
      Any tattoo and piercing place that’s any good will be happy to help you out with advice on aftercare. Once its healed then getting a cold is no more or less uncomfortable than for anyone else but waiting for it to heal can be tedious. If you can touch it as little as possible but clean it regularly at least 2-3 times with antiseptic cleaning fluid on a cotton bud inside AND out. It should heal within 2-3 weeks.
      Sometimes people just don’t take to piercings, its not a sign of being weak its just personal choice but if it works for you then you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about in a couple of months time!


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