Zombie ~ or ~ When is insomnia not insomnia?

Throughout my life I’ve suffered with bouts of insomnia but yesterday and today I’ve been walking around like a zombie, feeling all spaced out and it feels just like I’ve not slept for two nights.  Trouble is I had a good 6 hours last night and at least 7 hours the night before and 8 hours or so the night before that.  That’s over 21 hours over three nights isn’t that bad, is it?

I’ve always been more of a night owl than an early bird but over the past few years I’ve got my body clock working on a pretty ‘regular’ shift.  I’m sleeping ok now, or at least I think I am, so I am struggling to understand why I feel like I’m suffering from sleep depravation?  When I woke up this morning after my six-hour snooze I felt as though I’d only nodded off for half an hour.  Crazy isn’t it?

So rather than my normal blog where I attempt to answer questions, make a point or simply moan your ears off I’m asking for help.  Does anyone have any ideas what’s wrong with me today?

Your comments are invited and appreciated in advance.


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4 thoughts on “Zombie ~ or ~ When is insomnia not insomnia?

  1. I was gonna say over sleeping, that makes me feel sleepier. Seeing as you have less than 8 hours most of the time it clearly isn’t that. You could be some sort of super human who only needs two hours sleep, you should test yourself and see how many hours you need to not feel tired.


  2. I can do with 5 hours, anything past 8 makes me feel just as tired. If you’ve fallen asleep next to a speaker stack that makes me body shake, then you clearly are a heavy sleeper or were just knackered. Maybe you sleep far too deep and it confuses your body clock into thinking you’ve had to much sleep all the time. Have you tried a sleep therapist before?


    1. Nah, I don’t do shrinks. Anyway finally worked out what it is that’s been making Mr feel crap; I woke up this morning with full blown MSN flu. My body must have been fighting it off which was making me tired!


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