You’re Pulling my Pump

Another off topic rant from me today but I promise to keep it quick. Now put aside the ridiculous amount we’re taxed on petrol and diesel and ignore the high profits that oil giants announce every quarter because those gripes are obvious to anyone who hasn’t got their very own oil well in their back garden. Fuel prices are unreasonably high even though yes we should be driving around using alternative fuel sources already, this much is taken for granted. However what shouldn’t be taken for granted is having to wait for half an hour to spend over the odds on petrol when your tank is running on fumes.

If there was a shortage of fuel then yes I can accept that there will be long delays in getting to use the pump. If there’s scaremongering by the press that drag people out of their beds at stupid O’clock in the AM in order to get in the queue for the last drops of unleaded then yes I expect to wait in line with the rest. What I do not expect however is to wait behind someone who’s just filled up and not only popped into the kiosk to pay but also do their weekly bloody shop too!

This is the problem with Tesco Expresses, Wild Bean Café’s and the like. People will merrily fill up then go for a shop or a crispy cream donut and triple espresso, leaving a queue of other motorists who only want to quickly fill their tank waiting half an hour or more while they sit filling their ignorant faces with high-calorie food – putting more strain on our National Health Service. Well I hope you have a heart attack while driving at night and plough into a foreign lorry driver who by coincidence has fallen asleep at the wheel you moronic weasel.

What narks you at the pumps?