Noise Pollution

There’s a growing trend that’s starting to drive me crazy. It’s conclusive proof that kids have moved on from being obnoxious know-it-all pricks like we were in my day to fully-qualified anti-social bastards. Either that or it’s compelling evidence that I’m getting old before my time. So what is this trend? It’s playing music on mobile phones out loud and in public and it don’t half rattle me.

It’s not just the genre of music that’s played, I’ve heard some tunes that I’d normally welcome hearing but when it’s played through a tinny phone speaker on full volume so that it distorts and crackles and is continually out of phase because they keep moving the bastard phone around it does no song justice. When I was a kid I had a walkman, I made mix-tapes and listened to them through headphones. If I wanted to share my music (which boys didn’t do half as often as girls) then you’d give your mate one of the ear phones (meaning if it was a song produced with a heavy stereo effect you’d only hear half the guitar parts). Sure it wasn’t ideal but we didn’t have phones with built in mp3 players we didn’t even have mobile phones for that matter.

But then yes you did have the occasional arse who’d walk onto the bus with music so loud it leaked out of his earphones and invaded your personal space. You also had those pricks who walked around like they were in the Bronx with their Ghetto-blasters booming – only they were hardly ever listening to Hip Hop, it was more likely to be The Pet Shop Boys or Bros! Still, no matter how annoying these fools were they were few and far between, not so today. It seems every other kid younger than 16 is walking around with music blasting out from their mobile phones. Don’t they know their phones come with headphones?

So there we go. Either I’m turning into an old git before I’ve even reached my 30th birthday or kids really are turning into the careless gutter-monkeys that Anthony Burgess warned us about.