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The other day I was called a music snob just because I stated that I categorically hate anything that those over-eager song killers that are the cast of ‘Glee’ put out. Ok I will admit that I have a touch of class when it comes to the music I listen to but “music snob” is taking it a bit too far. Yes I retch at the thought of listening to cheesy pop music though I am eclectic enough in my tastes to recognise a good song when I hear it; take ‘Summertime’ by Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince for example, yes it’s a cheesy pop song but it’s a bloody good cheesy pop song.

As for the majority of what I listen to I will admit that cheesy pop is usually right at the bottom of my ‘least played’ list, the dregs of the bargain basement at the ‘Everything 99 pence or less’ store. On the flip-side my ‘top 25 most played’ would mostly consist of hard rock and songs from bands that were regulars on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ so yes on the surface I may seem to be a bit two-dimensional but I am by no means Bob Harris. Turn my iPod onto shuffle and you’ll quickly become embroiled in a game of musical Russian roulette, more akin to ‘Later with Jools Holland’ but instead of playing it with a 6-shooter it’s an Anti-Aircraft Gatling gun.

Having said that I do know some proper music snobs who are fully signed up members of their musical country clubs. I know one guy who’ll get proper anal about the relevance of ‘The Smiths’ and how Morrisey was the voice of a generation. There’s a girl I know who claims Kurt Cobain single-handedly inspired everything that happened after the release of ‘Nevermind’ both musical and cultural. Of course this is absolute crap but this is that completely self-righteous kind of music snob that believe she is actually the enlightened one and that she’s a complete individual because she dyes her hair bright pink. Last but not least is the kind of music snob I can tolerate, mainly because he freely admits it himself. And while his name will remain anonymous those who know him will know who I’m on about because his musical snobbery is limited to “anything from 1989-1992”.

Comparing this bunch of music snobs to me is like saying “only African-Americans like Soul music” or “only Cowboys listen to Country and Western”. So while my critics may enjoy listening to the cast of Glee bastardise every song they get their pristine vocal chords on, I am making a stand and turning the tables on them. Do their mp3 players stack Michael Jackson next to Megadeth, Bread next to Brides of Destruction, Demolition 23 next to Depeche Mode or Supergrass next to Super Tramp? Or how about Simply Red next to Skindred or Motorhead next to Mr Mister? No they don’t.

So before you call me a music snob have a flick through your mp3 player and tell me if your tastes in music are really as eclectic as mine.


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    1. Well early Simply Red, anything after the “Stars” album was pretentious crud. Could say a similar thing about Jamiroquai, freakin’ love the first three albums but everything after becomes a little too predicable, boring and, well, Radio 2 friendly.


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