30 Day Song Challenge: Day 09

A song you can dance to: I can’t dance…

Well that’s a lie, I dance like I’m possessed when the right song comes on.  However for a rocker, I can’t dance to rock.  Rock makes me moody and wanna either air guitar or hit something, which isn’t really dancing in the strictly ballroom sense.  So what song does get me jiggy?

Well anything with a decent beat and a groove so I can shake my ass and turn into your Dad!  Yes I am not afraid to admit I’m one of those Dad/Uncle/pissed up fart dancers who can “Do the Twist” and embarrass myself freely.  However if you wanna see me really get down and dirty then you’ve just gotta play “Rock with You” by Michael Jackson. Yes baby I can clear the dance floor with those crafty little moves…

…and I hope to be doing some crafty little moves later. Happy Anniversary Lise x x x


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