30 Day Song Challenge: Day 07

A song that reminds you of a certain event: Oh here we bloody go…

Does this mean I jumped the gun with yesterday’s post? Yes, no, I don’t care.  I don’t think I did really.  The songs mentioned yesterday remind me of a certain time and place, a certain event is something different.  A certain event to me sounds ominous, or momentous.  It’s gotta be something big that shook your life up a bit in either a good or bad way.  So for that reason I’ll give an answer for both;

A certain bad event; “Promise Me” by Beverly Craven.  My Mum played this a hell of a lot right after my parents split up way back when.  I say it’s a bad event, it certainly felt like it at the time but really with hindsight it was a good thing.  Their relationship wasn’t to be and along with gaining two half sisters out it I would probably have never picked up a guitar if it didn’t happen.  Oh and it also made me a much stronger person.  Must remember that councillor.

A certain good event; “Fire and Water” by Free.  One of many songs that was played the first night I spent the night at my then-future wifes place but the song I remember the most.  Glorious times.