30 Day Song Challenge: Day 02

Your least favourite song:  Here we go…

My least favourite song? My LEAST favourite song?  Another stupid question then.  Sure there is plenty of tosh out there but sifting through the crap to find the King Turd is not a task I relish.

So rather than draw this out any longer than it needs to be right now at this very moment in time my least favourite song is that bloody “Go Compare” advert which is just as annoying as the fat bastard who sings it!

What’s that?  It’s not a proper song?  Damn you, of course it is.  However if you insist then I’d have to include “Bob the Builder” or “Mr Blobby” or how about anything by ANYONE who’s been on X-Factor, Pop Idol or Fame Academy…

…or Britains/America/Mongolias Got Talent for that matter!