30 Day Song Challenge: Day 01

Your favourite song: Hmm…

Right from the start can see we’re on a bit of a, well, non-starter.  Favourite song?  You’ve gotta be kidding right?  Does anyone actually have a genuine, all-time favourite song that they can listen to no matter what mood they’re in?  I f-ing doubt it.  Even those who say they do are bloody liars.  Yeah you, liar!

Say for arguments sake I choose a ‘favourite song’, how do you think my other favourite songs would feel? Not least all the other favourite songs that I’ve not even heard yet?  Sorry but I can’t do that, for similar reasons that I cannot choose my favourite band; there are just too many to choose from and the answer would change daily, even hourly or having said that even by the second – given a push.

Even choosing my favourite song by one artist is a nearly impossible task.  Take Queen, a truely amazing band who have performed some of the most influencial songs in my life.  Do you really expect me to choose just one?  Really?

Anyway I supposed I’d better answer this with an answer so I’ll tell you what my favourite song is right this minute, it happens to be the song I’m listening to right now and it’s…

…oh hang on no it’s not the next song has come on and it’s even better!  Let’s end it here then.  Right now at this very second my favourite song is “All Summer Long” by Kid Rock.