New NGS Line-up

Had a brilliant night last night, the new-look New Generation Superstars frickin’ rocks. The new guys really add something to the band and it’s a line up that works well. Sure a little shabby around the edges right now but that’ll come with more gigs and a better sound engineer (who was awful). Can’t wait to hear what’s in store on the new album…

…can’t wait to see what Chris is up to either.  The stuff he is getting into sounds pretty damn cool, let’s hope he can blag me a free ticket on occasion ;o)

Well that’s enough of other folk now back to me, after all this is my website and I am a vain mother trucker.  So I got the mixing done for one track but after listening to it back and with some expert (x) advice I think I can get the drums sounding a lot better.  So it’s back to the drawing board for the time being but trust me – I will have an EP out by the end of the summer!