Keeping it Cool

I thought that I’d get a lot done this weekend.  The weather forecast was looking a bit glum so I thought “great, I can spend all weekend working on some tunes”.  Of course as per usual the weatherman was wrong.  Sure I spent some time desperately trying to get some mixes to sit right (and failing once again) but come Sunday when I was planning to lay down some vocals the sun came out and ruined my plans.

It would be unusual for me to moan about hot, sunny weather – I actually quite like it.  You know, sitting in the garden soaking up all that lovely serotonin.  However, just as I feared I was actually going to lambast the beautiful sun I realised that trying to do any kind of work in a stuffy home studio would be futile.

So instead of having a productive weekend I ended up trying to stay cool while doing the new ‘in’ Rock’n’Roll thing of spending time in the garden.  I tell ya what, you don’t half feel you’ve earned that ice cold beer once you’ve spent a few hours weeding and pruning your tomato plant.

I still think that my EP will be done long before the end of the summer though.  So I did give myself a realistic time frame.

Until next time.