Fight For Your Right

To choose your party. Yeah that’s right unfortunately it didn’t take long for me to bring politics into this blog o’ mine. But before you turn away in disgust let me just say this; I got some new songs ready for mixing I’m just waiting for a little advice from a good friend. Will update you on that soon(ish).
So today is polling day and most people will be apathetic and not bother. To those people I say please help make a change in the way we vote by going and voting YES to AV. It’s a once in a lifetime chance to change the way we choose our government.
Unfortunately AV has not been sold very well with many people seeing it as a Clegg vs Cameron vote. It’s not, it’s voting on making the chance to make the electoral system fairer and more representative of the British public.
It’s a common misconception that AV means you need to vote on parties in order of preference. It is true that you can use it that way if you wish but if you want to vote for just one or two parties you can.
For an example in the last general election many people just wanted Labour out of office so voted for any other party. In AV you could vote for Tory as 1st choice and Lib Dem as 2nd choice and that’s it (for use as an example only). Alternately if you wanted Labour to stay in government and no other party you could just vote for Labour and no one else.
Ultimately AV is about better choice for the electorate. Of course no system is perfect but it’s gotta be better than the current FPTP (first past the post) system.
Right now I’ve made that as clear as possible while blogging on a smart phone and listening to my ‘easy listening’ playlist on my generic digital music player (I refuse to advertise ipods anymore – whoops!) I’ll leave you with this promise; NO MORE politics for a month – at the very least!
Thanks for listening folks.
Daz x

P.s. “I ain’t no Tory Boy, Lefty or Looney Liberal! I just want a bit less apathy when it comes to deciding the folk that run the country.”

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