I’m getting quite excited.  After much frustrated cursing and swearing at my general lack of studio engineering competence and mixing skills things are slowly coming together.  I am sure there are many more frustrated moments on the horizon as I teach myself the art of mixing through some very vague internet guides with only my ears to tell me when I’m (frequently) going wrong.  I’m finding the hardest part is separating the instrument sounds in the mix and I’ve got no real idea of how to do that as it involves messing about with frequencies and shit.  Still, I’m slowly getting there and the results are getting better all the time.

I’ve also ordered a new studio microphone, a nice large diaphragm one.  So as my ‘bedroom’ studio grows I’m feeling a little more confident and professional by the day.  First on the list is a remix of “Blackout” which I intend to be done in a couple of weeks.  I’m using it as my test piece to try out different mixing methods and mastering techniques.  I’ll update you when I’ve got something I’m happy with.

Happy Easter, don’t let the Bunny Wabbit getcha.