DIY Recording

So I’ve been recording some tunes using a Cubase.  As an aid to writing for a musician its bloody brilliant but for a DIY engineer and producer with no proper training I’m continually frustrated that I can’t get my recordings to sound ‘professional’.

I’ve looked at all the tips and hints and tried to follow them as much as possible but getting the right sound is proving elusive.  The trouble as you’ll hear from my demo “Blackout” is the lack of separation in the mix.  What am I doing wrong?

As it stands this has not been mastered, so maybe that’s the problem?  If that’s the case should I invest in some mastering software such as Steinberg Wavelab Elements 7?  Maybe I just lack the ear for it, but if that was the case then I wouldn’t hear what’s wrong with the mix would I?

Many people have suggested just sticking to Cubase as a writing tool and that I need to dip my hand in my pocket for some proper studio time.  The trouble with this is two-fold; one I ain’t got the cash bro, two it goes against the DIY ethic of doing it all myself.  Maybe I’m just being pig-headed but it’s the way I wanna roll with my fledgling solo career, at least for the time being.  Also I have heard some recordings from artists who claim to have recorded whole albums in Cubase as they sound amazing, so I know it can be done.

So where does that leave me?  Well, I’m open to help that’s for sure.  If someone out there wants to give me advice and direct me to make a great sounding record then cool, I’ll buy you a beer and share the credit where credits due.  I mean is asking for help going against the DIY ethic?  Failing that then maybe I should invest in a studio course but which one?  There’s loads out there and I’ve even been on one years ago that was a complete waste of time and money – I know where to stick a bloody jack lead!

So if there’s anyone out there who can lend me an ear and spare some advice then I’d love to hear from you.  I’m off to lay down some bass on another track, could really do with three fingers of malt right now!


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