New Horizons

It doesn’t seem nearly four years ago that I was saying goodbye to my life in Red Star Rebels.  We’d achieved a lot but ultimately it wasn’t enough and the constant pressure to continue pressing on was too much so I quit.  I will admit that it wasn’t on the best terms and I burnt some bridges in the months that followed, not just with people surrounding Red Star Rebels but with the whole scene.

Now I’m saying goodbye to my life in another band, New Generation Superstars.  Much of my reasons for leaving are the same; I can no longer put enough time and energy into the band as I feel is needed but this time I won’t be burning any bridges.  The guys in NGS are amazing and so are the people that support them.  I am hoping to remain part of the New Gen family and still find time to prop up the bar or help with something behind the scenes but I am also launching my first proper solo project.

I’ve not got any plans and I’ve not got any time scales but I am already writing material and hope to release a few demo tracks in the coming months.  Who knows I might even play a few acoustic shows.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far.  You’ve been great.  I hope you stick around and see how this pans out, you never know, you might just like it!

So enough soppy crap, I was never good at it anyway.  It’s time to kick back and enjoy life to the full by getting back to making some Fringe Rock!  Catch ya soon.